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It was almost an hour since Nora arrived and all of the kids were in their room and most of them asleep. Jake's bedroom door creaked open allowing a shadow to step into the darkness. A flashlight flicked on as the figure stalked the quiet upstairs hallway. The only light coming from downstairs where Nora was finishing cleaning up the place and watching a movie quietly. The shadowy figure closed the door and crept across the polished wooden floor, making slight noises through the steps. The light falling on a door, revealing the names Jessica and Kim on it causing the figure to keep moving. The shape next came to an unlabeled door, trying the handle slowly and walking up a spiraling staircase to an amazing sight. Almost dropping the flashlight as it lit a massive round room with large wooden rafters supporting it, the childlike figure noticed a collection of reptiles around the room and soon knew this was the wrong bedroom. Mark was awaken when the person entered and was timing his strike, leaping up to touch the figure's shoulder just as it was leaving.